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  • White Days and Roses
    This feminine floral bouquet is a blend of pure white roses, sheer lily and white musk, mixed with the fine citrus notes of bergamot. 

    A long lasting fragrance that hangs in the air, delighting the senses and filling your space with delicate temptations. 

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Sweet Lemon
    Mid Notes: Peony, Muguet, White Rose, Sheer Lily
    Base Notes: White Musk, Amber, Cedar

    Statement Glass
    Perfect to decorate your wedding table, or to use as a home decor statement piece. This classic piece has premium thick glass encasing the candle ensuring safety and luxury all in one. 


    Candle size : 400g

    Burn time: 63 hours

    Colour : White

    Grand Lux Low Candle

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